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PRAVVA is a state of flowing energy that channels through the universe. From the birth of the stars, a stream of energy spread whereas Earth has manifested it in the form of a living ecosystem. Living beings including mankind have channeled the stream thus creating a civilization. It is in our good hands to consider the best use of that stream.

PRAVVA studio is born with the awareness of harnessing energy streams with responsibility. From the basics of survival to the sensitivity of feelings, and to celebrating life. 

We love our work, and we value our clients as our partners to create the ideal dream space. So if you are seeking a creative collaboration for your business or living. Lets Talk!


Context as Foundation

From the design brief, the site condition, the climate, the culture, the project associates, and typology will be our fundamental research data to create a well function ideas.

Collaborative Minds

Every project will be a manifestation of various minds. Clients, users, senior architect, junior architect, vendors, builders and more mindset will be synthesis together in a workflow initiate by the architect in charge.

Chaotic Order

The context of design will generate various data. Through research and experiment, the design process would synthesis an organize of the chaotic inputs, thus the overall expression of the architecture value.

Narative Spatial

We aim to create space which involve feelings and tells a story with the context of the project. Whether its historical, cultural, humane, utopian, or even critics, a building should be represent the present, values the past, and foresee a future.

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